Prison Broadcasting Network

Prison Broadcasting Network

Changing lives... Saves lives!

Prison Broadcasting Network is now looking to assist countries other than South Africa with our unique approach to rehabilitation based on our successful 15-year model.

IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH: Please read before you continue....

In January 2012, the former Area Commissioner of Pollsmoor shut down all operations of Prison Broadcasting Network (PBN) citing our services as "no longer relevant to the rehabilitation of inmates in Pollsmoor" due to it becoming an awaiting trial prison, as the reason. Our services included training, production and broadcasting in radio, music and television as well as trauma and biblical counselling.

PBN has been successfully rehabilitating offenders for the past 15 years for free and without any government funding. Awaiting-trial offenders receive no rehabilitation but we argued that many of our services are relevant to both sentenced and awaiting-trial offenders and questioned why other rehabilitation projects which were far less multi-faceted had been allowed to continue their services.

Despite continuous efforts over the past year to have our services reinstated; imploring the Minister, National Commissioner and Parliamentary Portfolio Committee of Correctional Services as well as President Zuma to step in, our doors still remain shut. Even a public statement issued by the former Minister of Correctional Services stating that PBN's services were to be reinstated and rolled-out to all prisons in the country, which was broadcast on all South Africa's national television news channels in February 2012 did not materilise.

Today over a year later, Pollsmoor is no more of an awaiting-trial prison than it was then and PBN's equipment which includes a radio station, sound studio and television studio and which could have been utilised to positively impact thousands of offenders over the past year, has been unable to make a difference to ONE offender. A National Prison TV Station which we also proposed and offered for free to the highest ranking officals in Correctional Services in August 2011 also seems to have been affected by the shut down.

We continue to implore Correctional Services to reinstate our services but we have now lost virtually all our financial support.

If you are reading this from somewhere other than South Africa and believe PBN can assist your country's prisons with the 15 year model we have created please contact us. Kindly email your comments to

We do not expect anyone to support us financially in our inactive state. However, after having no debt for the past 15 years this situation has left us with over R100,000 of debt. So if you do feel it on your heart to support us we would truly and humbly appreciate it. We believe in miracles!


I used to be like you. Crime wasn't my problem and neither were the inmates. Then in 1997 something occurred that would change the entire course of my life. I was given the opportunity to visit a prison....

Instead of seeing hardened gangsters, I saw pain, suffering and brokenness. Instead of seeing hopelessness, I saw potential for greatness. Instead of seeing damaged adults I saw someone's child, someone's daughter, someone's son.

I also realised that by changing the life of just ONE individual, a powerful ripple effect could be created that would effect MANY people's lives. Their family and friends would be impacted; a potential victim - perhaps even dozens of victims - would be saved; and the victim's family and friends would never have to go through the pain and suffering caused by crime.

There is nothing we can do to change the past, but there are things we can do to reshape our future. There's no doubt about it... changing lives... saves lives!

I wanted to make a difference! And you can too. Please join us by investing in this cause as we make a difference to our families, our community, our nation and ultimately, our world.

Thank you for your support and partnership. We cannot do it without you.

Marius Boaden
Founder and CEO